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Art & Yoga

Art is a pure and free expression of humanity when it is created with the positive intentions of sharing emotions or the creative reflection of the society in which an artist encounters themselves. In the 8 limbs of Patanjali it is clear that material possessions are not to be given priority over the human self.  Yet art by its nature and creation exists not for material benefit but emotional and intellectual sharing of interpretations of who we are in this present moment. Art for me has always been a meditative tool which took for hours through galleries and museums where I immersed myself in images, forms, screens & lights.  Each piece of art I tried to understand the message and feelings that were recorded in time to be seen and felt by others.  Everyone has their family experiences and positive or negative moments.  I truly focus on the beautiful gift my parents have given me of how to enjoy art and learn from it as one might by reading a boo

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