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Forced Air = Forced Breath?

Hello this is a personal experience that I wish to share regarding the heating systems that can be found across the United States. .    These are forced air ducts normally found in the floors and receiving their heat element usually from a gas boiler.  The subject is that these ducts and heaters have to be cleaned!  Otherwise many people like myself could be suffering needlessly a dust cloud of allergens in their own home or living space!!       As a result of this experience I am almost a month now with both nostrils blocked!  Making yoga, meditation, on-line classes and Pranayama almost impossible!        Typically the yogic method of a Shatkarma called Netti using a warm water solution in a pot and passing through the nostrilsl a stream of water is generally a very good solution!  In my case I have added hot showers with a forward bend to fill the nose, plus on the mat seated in Thunderbolt, Padhasana with the hands under the armpits (thumbs out and upwards) for many min