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Why I Love YouTube :-) A few Positive Ideas About Social Media

See LiveStream or On-Demand on YouTube of course !  @michaelsandsyoga7809 Recently someone made a comment to me that becoming famous or monetizing a YouTube channel is like winning the lottery!! I concur with this opinion BUT all the same see I the REAL REWARD is available NOW to everyone with an internet connection and way better than any Financial Gain!!  What are the 2 HUGE Gifts Social Media has given us for FREE? Digital Legacy - Memories, Photos, Events can be passed down by family generations to share the progress and the evolutions of our daily life before we become titled as "ancestors" ;-) Knowledge Transfer - We can leave informative takes on life, wisdom and even specific work or recreation "how to guides" to our descendants and future fellow humans on this planet!  Maybe we even share experiences that can give the next generation an evolutionary jump forwards whilst avoiding a repetition of any missteps!