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A Car for.Meditation?

Many people use their car for the transport of goods and passengers.... I would like to share another application!  I believe achieving a pleasurable drive can provide a great moment of inner calm and euphoria ;-) Driving for myself over 800.000kms of "road trips" I have encountered this spontaneous pleasure of "meditative wheeling"!  The "Drive Recipe" is simply the following...... A Combination of ..... Being immersed in forward movement Visual stimulation The melodic aounds of the tires & motor  Plus! The occasional adrenaline jolt! Happy Travels and Hope you Find Your own  Wheeling Moment of Calm!! Namaste, Michael Sands 

New LiveStream YouTube TRX classes daily!

YouTube Channel:   michaelsandsyoga7809  With TRX CrossFit Suspension Training system you can work out anywhere!  Even strapped into a car door or a tree!! Come and join me for creative and varied workout spots daily!  

LiveStream Meditation Shares now on YouTube:-)

YouTube Channel:  michaelsandsyoga7809 Happily settled now in Ella, Sri Lanka! I will be sharing LiveStream guided meditation sequences from the Mountainside Skyscape :-) Namaste, Michael Sands