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Meditation Plate Share

This is a very personal share that perhaps can be understood by many without even mentioning.  In any case I felt inspired as I am taking a Tantra Course and one of the first lectures elaborates on the need to have a meditation space and 5 items as an offering for the deities that one is guiding their thoughts to!   The suggested practice includes, water, candles, flowers, sandal paste, incense & fruit.  I believe it is acceptable practice to amplify the focus by including additional items that augement a strong emotional centering.  Therefore on my plate I have added 2 Buddha's with the corresponding coins which are customary, plus the cup with the water has a faded but raised lettering of the number "13" which has always been a positive numeration for me.  Then there is the very first shoe my son wore, a photo of skateboarding and a photo of Yoginanda a person whom I highly respect and is author of  "Autobiography of a Yogi".   This blog entry